Product care


How should you care for your jewellery?

As a general rule, jewellery should be cared for with love, regardless of its composition.

Follow these steps in order to care for your jewellery the way it deserves:

Avoid contact between your jewellery and cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals, and domestic products that may damage their colour, material, and shine. If you clean your jewellery with products, ensure that they are appropriate for the material in question.

Clean your jewellery with a special duster for silver and before using it make sure it doesn't have any chemical products on it.

Remember to check your jewellery’s clasps and settings regularly and try not to lose the piece or any of its parts.

The best place to store your jewellery is in its original case. If you use a jeweller, place the pieces in separate compartments and do not pile them up in order to prevent scratching.

If you have any questions about the condition of your jewellery, contact us before using it.

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