Fashion and art, two concepts that have fused in order to give life to our project: Miró Complements. A jewellery and high fashion complements brand based on innovation and deconstruction of the status quo. Creations that emphasize the soul and essence of Joan Miró's artistic legacy.

We conceive our creations without maintaining composure, tossing conventionalism aside and fleeing from normality.



She is our beloved jewellery designer and the mother of this project, with extensive experience in the jewellery industry. With minimalist style and surprising lines, her pieces are conceived as just another part of a woman’s body. Her smashing ideas and insatiable curiosity makes her an artist who is always on the move.


Joan Miró

Universal artist, creator of artistic forms and symbols that go back to the primitive essence of the human being.

Constellations, stars, suns, moons and characters, emerge from the mystical substrate of the surrealist subconscious of the artist.

His irradiation is timeless, intuitive, evocative and penetrating into a dream world that wrap our gaze in unknown cosmos.

Joan Punyet Miró